About Us

After many years in the sports nutrition industry and countless hours of in-person supplement demos and events, I saw shortfalls and issues that proved the need for a new class of supplements. All the feedback and first hand customer opinions I received were invaluable to the creation of our supplements. After hearing what customers wish they had available to them, I finally decided to provide exactly that: LIBERTY STRONG LABS. A line of supplements made for the ultra athlete, AMERICA'S HARD WORKING HEROES, those who are not afraid of taking the high road and always doing what is right. Built on HIGH MORALS with customers in mind. These are effectively dosed supplements, filled with ingredients backed by science, and yes- a FULLY DISCLOSED LABEL. Everyone works hard for their money. I am pleased to make supplements that yield the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! 

-Emerson Rusk



-4 Year Biology degree from The Ohio State University

-Multiple NPC natural competitions, classic physique and bodybuilding

-2 years varsity cheerleading at The Ohio State University

-National board ROTC scholarship recipient for The Ohio State University

-Commissioned Officer of the United States Army

-Nutrition & training mentor

-Lifestyle coach